Over 25 Years'
Continuous Development

Our drag and drop performance planner makes scheduling your events and making changes easy so that you can quickly be selling tickets online and in your box office.


Access and update several key building blocks for performances such as categories, content provider details, screens and ticket information.


Consolidated reporting across multiple locations and live sales data across all performances and non-ticket items helps you to make quick decisions and control your business wherever you are.


Concerned about learning a new system? Our intuitive design helps saves you and your team time in getting up and running fast.

With over 25 years in developing ticketing systems you have the scalability needed to grow your business.


From Loyalty and Membership to managing supplier food prices and automatic purchase order generation we have you covered with features and modules already available to be switched on as you need them.


Minimise internal theft with detailed driven stock control and help to prevent fraud with our System Audit tools - from voiding transactions to deleting items or pressing unexpected keys on the PoS, monitoring your employees helps to stop fraud losses fast.

Each connection that you make between the ticketing system and the rest of your business saves you time and money.


Save time scheduling shows by sending data to your projector TMS, including Dolby, Doremi, GDC and Unique. Pass last minute emergency time and screen changes automatically to your projectors.


Output data to your Air conditioning system to power down when the room is empty and increase circulation when a show sells out.

Send your showtimes to Google? No problem.

Enjoy some of the best and longest established signage in the cinema industry with Premiere, our fully automated customer messaging system.


We have the A-B-C-D of signage: Auditorium, Box Office, Concession and Directional signs. Each system is customized with logos, colors and custom layouts.


Save time and display ticket and auditorium availability based on live data directly from the PoS.